Sunday, May 9, 2010


I was thinking of starting another blog for fashion/beauty related things? I'm awful at updating so I'd just keep it all here, but I kind of want to keep art stuff and other stuff separate. Don't want to bore anyone! I guess I'll think about it. In the meantime, my tumblr is here.

I got a new haircut, and most of my pastel pinks and purples have faded away, regrettably. I never take pictures of when I color my hair and lose all record of them forever! I can easily re-do it though. I have some peachy pastel pink that shows underneath and in the back, still! : )
Here are some bad photobooth photos.

I went from this...

to this! AAAH!

(don't mind that floppy end there, had styling issues that day!)

I was trying to grow it all long, but my ends were pretty damaged from not moisturizing my hair properly and treating it kinda roughly in general (brushing while wet, etc). Believe it or not bleaching it doesn't kill it as much as you'd think, my hair's EXTREMELY resilient and thick (people think it's fine but it's a lie, you should have seen it when was all long and in a ponytail) But hey, It's spring and I needed a change. I've been seeing street-snap photos of cool girls in japan with longish round bobs with super curly ends. I was totally in love with Toshiko Koshijima's hair on the cover of Capsule's new album, PLAYER:

Rad! She rocks.

Anywho, I've been scanning things lately and will update soon. Promise promise promise