Tuesday, August 23, 2011

senior art show

I realized that I never actually posted a photo of my painting that was accepted into the FIT senior exhibition. Here it is! I need to take better photos of it! It is oil paint on cradleboard with rabbit skin glue gesso

Monday, May 9, 2011

daft punk portrait school thing

I've been doing this painting for class and I'm not super excited about it, but I'm just trying to get it finished enough to turn in! It's turned into a digital painting exercise more than anything. It's way too similar to the photo than to call it anything else... My prof is cool with it since it's just supposed to be a poster-type thing. I slapped on "Daft Punk" in katakana because I'm sick of looking at this piece and I just want it to be done *bad example* WE CAN'T ALL BE PERFECT! I've discovered that I reeealllly like digital painting! It's super fun. Here are some progress pictures and the photo that inspired it and that I heavily referenced:

what it looks like right now

stiffff as hell

the photo

I remember seeing the show, super cool. This photo totally brought me back. We were right in front in the middle! Best ever. Coney Island 2007 waaah! I wore my Anamanaguchi T-shirt, of cawse

Saturday, May 7, 2011

painting progress

Here are some pictures of my model painting from today's class!

after about 2 hours, the color is off from the hallway lighting

maybe after an hour?

crappy under painting-drawing, I ended up wiping it off and redrawing it higher on the board

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

some dumb drawings

spent too long doing these today... "what I wore" or whatever... my mom gave me her funny fuzzy tiger sweater from 1990


Monday, February 21, 2011

I have another blog

About fashion and lifestyle related stuff. Or is that dumb? I don't know if they should be combined or if I should just have two. I don't want to bore art people with "blah blah blah my hair!!!! I ATE CAKE TODAY!!" etc.

gahh well I already made a post on the other one so so

Friday, December 3, 2010

asia society and met

This post has been sitting in the edit box forever.. Checked out the Yoshitomo Nara exhibit at the Asia Society, I'm a big fan. There's something about his work that I really relate to, and the installations are so great. There was this one installation in the back of the top floor exhibit that almost moved me to tears! Too bad I couldn't take pictures! I doodled some of the faces and things he wrote on his pottery. I love "SOCIAL ミスフィッツ(misfits)".

There were some doors to small rooms that had paintings or sculptures inside, and there was one room painted all black with a small painting in the middle of the back wall- it was of a starry eyed girl and it said "Hope" and that kind of got to me. I've been in a rut for months and I'm working so hard to get out of it. So "Hope" kind of hit home.

After that I headed to the Met for class, which no one showed up to! Almost. I hung out and drew "Dancing Celestial". I thought the fluidity of movement of the figure was pretty striking. What's kinda funny is the sculpture's breasts are almost perfect spheres... I ended up making them kinda look less... uh... hahaha

Lastly, here is a photo of my beloved cat looking surly

lookit that critter

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Current work!

I've been really really excited about Diablo III. I was so so so into Diablo 2 so I'm really excited for 3. I'm working on a painting of a female barbarian, because barbarians are rad(they're all rad, but I figured I had the perfect model so I'd go for barb girl). I did the initial sketch while I was watching this awesome DVD of Drew Struzan painting. So I was watching in total rapture and got really excited and was sketching without any real regard for anatomical correctness. I hadn't really drawn anything besides cartoony doodles in a long time, so it was pretty exciting. Also pictured is a sorceress from Diablo 2, but she's not gonna be in the painting.

I had Calypso pose for me, and projected the drawing onto my board and started painting in egg tempera, but the board is just so so tiny. I also feel like my drawing is kinda stiff and needs to be... cooler. I'm getting a bigger board and starting over in oil (i miss oils) for class, and I'll do the tiny one to learn/practive egg tempera (which is pretty rad). I really really really miss oils though.

This last one's the one I used for my previous painting (also of Calypso, but not a barbarian!) I got the idea from a painting in that special American artists exhibit at the Met. It was one of those where they have a pretty portrait done of their daughters so they could marry them off. We threw an 80s prom dress and a fox tail on her and voíla. I STILL NEED TO FINISH IT THOUGH