Friday, December 3, 2010

asia society and met

This post has been sitting in the edit box forever.. Checked out the Yoshitomo Nara exhibit at the Asia Society, I'm a big fan. There's something about his work that I really relate to, and the installations are so great. There was this one installation in the back of the top floor exhibit that almost moved me to tears! Too bad I couldn't take pictures! I doodled some of the faces and things he wrote on his pottery. I love "SOCIAL ミスフィッツ(misfits)".

There were some doors to small rooms that had paintings or sculptures inside, and there was one room painted all black with a small painting in the middle of the back wall- it was of a starry eyed girl and it said "Hope" and that kind of got to me. I've been in a rut for months and I'm working so hard to get out of it. So "Hope" kind of hit home.

After that I headed to the Met for class, which no one showed up to! Almost. I hung out and drew "Dancing Celestial". I thought the fluidity of movement of the figure was pretty striking. What's kinda funny is the sculpture's breasts are almost perfect spheres... I ended up making them kinda look less... uh... hahaha

Lastly, here is a photo of my beloved cat looking surly

lookit that critter