Thursday, November 19, 2009

life drawin'

Vincent during earth science, started drawing his leather jacket draped over the back of the chair and had a ton of time so just drew all of him. I ended up making his torso way too long and the chair really weird, legs too short etc

Amanda sitting next to me in Earth Science

Headless Mickey in class

Lyndon and Jack playing psp (they weren't squished together like that) and Jorrell hanging out in the 7th floor hallway between classes

Cartoony Keysha looking snappy for the Dir en Grey concert, it was sold out so we hung out at T-Kettle instead and got some cookies/cake at Momofuku bakery

Friday, November 6, 2009


Today I wore my new beret for the first time- I've been wanting one really badly lately, I haven't worn one since I was little. Apparently it was made in the Czech Republic and it's the highest quality they make(according to the lady I bought it from, I trust her though I guess). It was only a dollar more than the ones they sell in chinatown, so I figured I can't lose. At the bank this morning a girl working there said she liked my Tam, I thought she said "my tan" and I was super confused- "M-my tan? Oh my hat?! Hahaha thanks!" Doodled in web design class, just some little cartoony self portraits

more or less my outfit today, but the dress is black with pink rose pattern and cowboy boots. used the middle face in the above picture

edit as of monday morning: here's another version