Thursday, November 4, 2010

Current work!

I've been really really excited about Diablo III. I was so so so into Diablo 2 so I'm really excited for 3. I'm working on a painting of a female barbarian, because barbarians are rad(they're all rad, but I figured I had the perfect model so I'd go for barb girl). I did the initial sketch while I was watching this awesome DVD of Drew Struzan painting. So I was watching in total rapture and got really excited and was sketching without any real regard for anatomical correctness. I hadn't really drawn anything besides cartoony doodles in a long time, so it was pretty exciting. Also pictured is a sorceress from Diablo 2, but she's not gonna be in the painting.

I had Calypso pose for me, and projected the drawing onto my board and started painting in egg tempera, but the board is just so so tiny. I also feel like my drawing is kinda stiff and needs to be... cooler. I'm getting a bigger board and starting over in oil (i miss oils) for class, and I'll do the tiny one to learn/practive egg tempera (which is pretty rad). I really really really miss oils though.

This last one's the one I used for my previous painting (also of Calypso, but not a barbarian!) I got the idea from a painting in that special American artists exhibit at the Met. It was one of those where they have a pretty portrait done of their daughters so they could marry them off. We threw an 80s prom dress and a fox tail on her and voĆ­la. I STILL NEED TO FINISH IT THOUGH

dumb update

Zombie girl and scary dragon. I decided recently that I should scan more things that I draw and just put them up here. Why the hell not


These are from a story thing I was working on that I was thinking of turning into a graphic novel. I was trying to think of everything in terms of spreads, but I've been thinking that it would just work better as panels. Blagh! I suck at writing blog posts. "Hey guys, here are some pictures that I drew." EXCITING

Also sometimes my family looks at this blog? which makes it sort of weird. I need to make a website.

The story was based on this scary dream I had,
these drawings are a more literal interpretation.
I later came up with a new story based on the dream, and went with that. I felt like there wasn't enough being told with 32 spreads. Blah blah blah

scary! more on this later