Thursday, November 4, 2010

Current work!

I've been really really excited about Diablo III. I was so so so into Diablo 2 so I'm really excited for 3. I'm working on a painting of a female barbarian, because barbarians are rad(they're all rad, but I figured I had the perfect model so I'd go for barb girl). I did the initial sketch while I was watching this awesome DVD of Drew Struzan painting. So I was watching in total rapture and got really excited and was sketching without any real regard for anatomical correctness. I hadn't really drawn anything besides cartoony doodles in a long time, so it was pretty exciting. Also pictured is a sorceress from Diablo 2, but she's not gonna be in the painting.

I had Calypso pose for me, and projected the drawing onto my board and started painting in egg tempera, but the board is just so so tiny. I also feel like my drawing is kinda stiff and needs to be... cooler. I'm getting a bigger board and starting over in oil (i miss oils) for class, and I'll do the tiny one to learn/practive egg tempera (which is pretty rad). I really really really miss oils though.

This last one's the one I used for my previous painting (also of Calypso, but not a barbarian!) I got the idea from a painting in that special American artists exhibit at the Met. It was one of those where they have a pretty portrait done of their daughters so they could marry them off. We threw an 80s prom dress and a fox tail on her and voĆ­la. I STILL NEED TO FINISH IT THOUGH


  1. will chung is doing this huge scene from the first act in diablo II for his mentor. When does III come out? Don't marry off calypso just yet.

  2. I have no idea when III comes out but I hope I have a new fancy computer by then, cuz if I don't get to play it I'll die

  3. Awesome drawings, you should definitely post more on your blog. Diablo III is going to be even more awesome than D2, a big maybe that we'll see it either the end of this year or next summer latest I think.

  4. Your a amazing artist. I love your sketches Emily.

    -Zane of ontario honey